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patriot [dd. mm. YYYY - H:i]
mrtwosh prepis
patriot [dd. mm. YYYY - H:i]
Riadok 1: Riadok 1:
-====== patriot ====== 
-ready for death\\ 
-of your selfdom\\ 
-ready to die\\ 
-for your land\\ 
-ready to die\\ 
-for this simple nonsense 
-ready to let\\ 
-yourself get killed\\ 
-for beliefs of\\ 
-someone else\\ 
-extrinsic fights will\\ 
-guide you to your grave 
-you have to believe\\ 
-i'm your savior\\ 
-you have to believebelieve\\ 
-i'm your friend\\ 
-soon you'll find out\\ 
-i feel only hate 
-i am\\ 
-xenophobic pig\\ 
-most important thing is me\\ 
-sheep are jumping straight to the abyss 
-evil leads your way 
-to live in the endless desillusion\\ 
-is the greatest madness\\ 
-wake up my deaf blind pal\\ 
-the right time is right now